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Verizon Signal Boosters

Verizon Signal Boosters

While the Verizon network is vast and populated enough to deliver reliable cell service to a lot of the United States, there are still many instances where signal strength is diminished. In highly congested areas, such as busy, crowded city centers, one can experience weak signals if trapped in an “urban canyon.” The same problem can be found in extremely rural areas where cell towers are too far away for cell phones to reliably communicate. However, given certain circumstances, dead zones and weak cell service can happen anywhere - inside of a home, office, or vehicle. In these instances, signal boosters make great allies for remedying this lack of signal and restoring consistent, solid service for the home or on the job.

What is a Signal Booster and How Does It Work?

A signal booster will increase data speeds, improve voice quality, and help to eliminate dropped calls. This technology boosts cellular connectivity in your car, home, office, or any location where you’re experiencing weak cell phone signal. While very useful pieces of equipment, they’re also relatively simple to use and install.


A booster is comprised of three components:

  1. The outside antenna (also known as the donor antenna), typically mounted on the roof of your home or vehicle, pulls signal from nearby cell towers inside to the booster.
  2. The booster receives and amplifies the signal, and then sends the boosted signal to an inside antenna.
  3. The inside antenna (also known as the server antenna) broadcasts the amplified signal for the use of your cell phone and other cellular-enabled devices.

Signal Boosters for the Home or Office

There’s nothing more annoying than dropped calls or dead zones in your own home or place of work. This problem can be exacerbated in large homes or offices where the signal is forced to penetrate several walls or levels to reach your devices. By installing a signal booster, you will never need to worry about loss of signal or dropped calls ever again. A Verizon signal booster improves cellular connection in parts of your home or office where the signal is otherwise poor or obstructed. For those who work in a home office away from their coworkers, having a solid connection to others in their professional network is an absolute necessity. Even if your location is in an area away from a cell tower, a booster will be able to supply a reliable signal to help you stay connected and never risk a loss in productivity or connectivity. We have a great lineup of Verizon signal boosters designed to substantially fortify a cellular signal. Some of our Verizon-compatible products offer wide coverage and even up to 100 dB of gain in cell signal. With boosted signals, a cell phone’s power requirements will be reduced, extending battery life as well.

Mobile Signal Boosters

For those looking for reliable service wherever they go, we have Verizon signal boosters made to withstand the unpredictability of mobile use. As part of their duties at work, many technicians and engineers must travel to different parts of their designated territories to install and manage electrical equipment and systems. While on the job, they might run into an area that lacks reliable signal. Rather than losing cell service and risk losing contact with their fellow team members or being unable to complete their tasks, installing a cell phone signal booster ensures they will always stay connected. Our mobile boosters increase signal in and around your vehicle or mobile unit wherever you go. Rugged, mobile-capable signal boosters come encased in hardy enclosures, made to withstand vibration, dust, and water. Some mobile boosters are able to switch between stationary and mobile mode, allowing for an increase in dB gain and coverage. These versatile, compact devices are the perfect companion for field workers or those on the go.

All-In-One Advanced Networking

Looking for more beyond signal boosters? At Westward Sales, we have years of engineering experience to draw from to help you find the very best way to get your goals accomplished. Whether you want to improve remote monitoring, ramp up big data utility or keep a close eye on valuable assets, we are happy to offer our networking expertise. We’ll match you with perfect tools and equipment for every kind of technical task and network design issue. Give us a call today for advice or more information on our product offerings.

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