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Reliable, Secure, and Easy-to-Use Cellular Routers

For over 20 years, Teltonika has supplied the world with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. They are one of the largest networking manufacturers with millions of devices installed globally. Their wide array of LTE modems, gateways, and routers make connectivity reliable, secure, and easy to deploy. You’ll find their products as the communication backbone of industrial automation, energy and utility, smart city, intelligent transportation, and fleet management applications.

Industrial-Grade Cellular Routers with Remote Management

Teltonika’s routers, equipped with a variety of wireless and wired options, are essential tools for connecting people, machines, and infrastructure across many industrial sectors. The Teltonika RUT series, for example, was engineered to operate in the most challenging environments. The RutOS based on Linux OpenWRT has become one of the most functional, embedded operating systems for routers on the market.

Teltonika offers a Remote Management System (RMS). It is a cloud-based service to manage and monitor your Teltonika equipment remotely. It features maintenance, diagnostics, history, real-time alerts, reports, statistics, and mobile tracking. An RMS app for iOS and Android provides timely information while on the move.


State-of-the-Art Production

To assure top quality, Teltonika manufactures and assembles its products in their leading-edge production facilities in Europe. Every device is 100% tested before shipping to a client. Reliability is a core focus at Teltonika. That’s why engineering and manufacturing take special care to build the most dependable products possible. To ensure a high level of security, risk assessments are performed consistently on all devices. Periodic updates are available to eliminate any potential breaches.

Contact Us to Learn More About Teltonika

Networking specialists at Westward Sales are available to help determine how your Teltonika networking devices will perform in your system. Eliminate guesswork, uncertainty, and cost by speaking with one of our representatives. Contact us today to discuss your industrial LTE router application and see how much time and energy we can save you.

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