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Solar Power Kits

solar power station

Surveillance and monitoring is essential to sustaining remote operations. While wireless sensors and camera feeds are relatively easy to implement in industrial facilities or along existing grids, many locations simply lack a power source. Solar power is often the only way to successfully operate these systems. That means designing a solar and battery solution configured to your exact power budget and location. Deploying off-grid power is a challenge; and, that’s what our professional integration team does. Our solar kits, offer:

  • Reliable off-grid power.
  • Steady power supplies for unmanned transmission stations.
  • Battery solutions for uninterrupted up-time.
  • Optimized wireless design for minimal interruptions or signal loss.

Replacing Biofuels

Power generators come in many varieties. Gas and diesel generators provide some of the most reliable power options, but they come with challenges. Fuel costs make them undesirable for remote stations with small power needs. The need for fuel shipments and manual refills is cumbersome and costly.  When the remoteness of a station or a commitment to minimize cost narrow your options, solar is the clear solution to these issues.  It is the undeniable go-to for minimizing human interaction and catering to specific remote or mobile applications.

Autonomous Solar Battery Power Systems

Whether you are monitoring data or maintaining video surveillance, autonomous solar stations are a smart option. They supply a continuous feed to your electronics and require minimal upkeep and oversight. A complete pre-wired solar kit is sized to your payload and includes all components you need to get running quickly:

Solar Power Kit

  • Solar panel array
  • Morningstar charge controller
  • Batteries with outdoor rated enclosure
  • Wireless monitoring of battery charge and system status
  • Switching, wiring, surge suppression, terminal blocks, DIN rail and more
  • All mounting brackets and fasteners
  • Application specific inputs - camera feeds, data acquisition and communications (Wi-Fi, cellular modems or other radio technology)

Professional design that integrates smart communications with long-term solar functionality is the key to making autonomy possible.  That is our specialty. Give us a call today so we can get started powering your sites and moving you towards automated data and surveillance solutions.

Solar and battery kits are designed and optimized for a given location and electronics load.  We also offer assembly, installation and a site survey if wireless communication is needed. Call now, 720.870.4500, to discuss your options.

Contact Westward Sales to learn about solar power for your application.