Parsec Cables PC2004L / PC2404L for 4:1 LTE Antennas, SMA Female to SMA Male

Parsec Low-Loss Cable Kits for 4-in-1 LTE Antennas, LSR200 or LSR240 cables, SMA Connectors
Model: PC2004L / PC2404L
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Cable Kits for Parsec 4-in-1 Multi-Antennas, 4 Cables (LSR200 or LSR240) with SMA Connectors

Our flexible RF cables extend the distance from a cellular router or gateway to a Parsec Technologies 4x4 MIMO LTE multi-antenna. LSR240 cables offer lower loss than traditional RG cables and are recommended by Parsec for their high-performance antennas. Rated for indoors and outdoors, the 50-ohm coaxial cables are manufactured with a solid center copper conductor, braid and foil shielding, and a protective PCV sheath. The cable bundle contains four (4) low-loss LSR200 or LSR240 cables terminated with SMA female and SMA male connectors. It fits Parsec’s PRO4 Series of cellular antennas.


PC2004L10SFSM, Cable kit for 4-in-1 antennas with 4 LSR200 cables, 10-foot lengths, and SMA female to SMA male connectors 
PC2004L15SFSM, Same as above with 15-foot lengths
PC2404L25SFSM, Same as above with LSR240 cables and 25-foot lengths
PC2404L30SFSM, Same as above with LSR240 cables and 30-foot lengths *Standard product*
PC2404L40SFSM, Same as above with LSR240 cables and 40-foot lengths 

Non-standard products have a minimum order quantity of 5.

CategoryWireless Accessory
Antenna AccessoriesRF Cable
Cabling4 cables, LSR240
Connector TypeSMA female to SMA male
Dimensions30' lengths or 40' lengths
Download NameFile Size
Parsec Cable Kits Datasheet565.72KB