Parsec Cables PC4004L6WG for 11:1 Multi-Antennas, N-Type Male to N-Type Male, 50'

Parsec Low-Loss Cable Kits for 11-in-1 Multi-Antennas, LSR400 cables, N-Type Connectors
Model: PC4004L6WG50NM
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Cable Kit for Parsec 11-in-1 Multi-Antennas, 11 Cables (LSR400) with N-Type Male Connectors

The PC4004L6WG50NM RF cable bundle extends the distance from cellular router or wireless device to a Parsec Technologies 11:1 MIMO LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS combo-antenna. LSR400 cables, offering lower loss than traditional RF cables, are recommended by Parsec for their line of high-performance antennas. Indoor and outdoor rated, the 50-ohm cables are constructed of a solid center conductor, braid and foil shielding, and protective PCV jacket, and terminated with N-Type male connectors.

The extension kit contains eleven (11) low-loss LSR400 cables with 50-foot lengths that fit Parsec’s PRO11 Series of multi-antennas with mating N-Type female connectors.

CategoryWireless Accessory
Antenna AccessoriesRF Cable
Cabling11 cables, LSR400
Connector TypeN-Type male to N-Type male
Dimensions50' lengths
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Parsec Cable Kits Datasheet565.72KB