Bolton Technical BT151038 Quicksilver Yagi Directional Cellular Antenna, 617-6000 MHz

Bolton Technical BT151038 (Quicksilver) 5G Yagi Directional Cellular Antenna, N-Female, 617-6000 MHz
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Bolton Technical BT151038 (Quicksilver) 5G Yagi Directional Cellular Antenna, N-Female

The Quicksilver BT151038 got its name due to its proclivity for speeding up slow cellular data. This is one of Bolton's most popular antennas for a reason. It designed as an accessory for or in addition to a 50-ohm cellular signal booster system or hotspot, and boosts gain at the point of capture by up to 11 dBi.

This Quicksilver 5G Yagi donor antenna captures signal in a 45 degree “flashlight” radius, allowing for higher gain at a point of entry than its omni-cousin, the BT512372. This requires a little more work, but is frequently the best option for getting you improved cellular signal, as these can work far better than an omnidirectional antenna when installed properly.

The BT151038 is designed for fixed building installations outside a home, office, or commercial space. 

This antenna is recommended with most home signal boosters or cellular hotspots, as it lies in a nice, sweet spot between power and range. It only falters in exceptionally weak signal areas or when a long distance from the nearest cell tower. It can also be used to capture T-Mobile 5G signal.

Key Features of the BT151038

  • 5G Ready Outdoor Cellular Yagi Antenna
  • Built for 50 Ohm Signal Boosters
  • Wide band, 617-6000 MHz
  • Over 5 miles of range
  • High efficiency and compact design
  • Stable performance proving high gain up to +11 dBi
  • 45 degree directional beam
  • N-Female termination
  • ABS antenna cover, waterproof, UV-resistant
Single / SISO AntennasCellular | CBRS
Cellular Frequencies617-6000 MHz
PolarizationVertical and Horizontal
Impedance50 ohm
Power50 watt
CablingRG141 at 30 cm length
Connector TypeN-Female
Dimensions17 x 8 x 2 in (44 x 21 x 6 cm)
Weight2.65 pounds without mounting hardware
Operating Temperature-40°C to 55°C
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Bolton Technical BT151038 Datasheet383.07KB