ZigBee to Serial

ZigBee to Serial

USB and RS-232 to Zigbee Adapters

The SENA Technologies’ Zigbee to serial adapters protect your investment in machinery, computers, peripherals and other equipment that use serial data transfers as a primary means of communication.  Long the standard of the industrial world for over a half century, the RS-232 serial interface was by far the most preferred method for connecting controllers and PLCs to each other in industrial and manufacturing environments.   With fewer serial ports and limited cable distance, Zigbee serial adapters are the solution to help lengthen the lifespan of installed equipment.

Connect Older Equipment and Devices to Your Wireless Network

As you work to create a modern wireless environment, the ProBee-ZS10  and Probee-ZU10-G01 serial adapters will likely be standard components in your arsenal.  


Zigbee is a low cost, low power standard in the wireless world and these adapters allows you to interconnect USB and old RS-232 serial equipment quickly and easily.  You’ll find Zigbee to be suited for machine-to-machine communication, factory automation, data collection, building automation and more.

Overview of Zigbee Serial Adapters

The ProBee-ZS10 is a ZigBee adapter that connects RS-232 serial ports to a Zigbee wireless network.  It also enables two serial ports to communicate in a point-to-point topology over a long distance where running cable is inconvenient.  The ZS10 is a self-contained module with embedded ZigBee and radio circuits and an antenna connection.  It accepts power from the RS-232 port, external power adapter or battery pack.

Where USB is available, the ProBee-ZU10-G01 adapter simply plugs into a standard USB port to add Zigbee connectivity.  Similar to the ZS10, it’s an easy-to-use, stand-alone module that provides easy ZigBee wireless deployment.

A wide variety of high gain antennas, RF cables, adapters and Windows management tools make the ProBee family of serial modules an efficient and affordable wireless solution.

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Whether you have an RS-232 or USB port, Westward Sales is ready to configure a Zigbee communication solution that works.  Contact your Westward Sales representative today to learn more about how the SENA family of Zigbee products can enhance your next WPAN project

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