Zigbee Modules

Zigbee Modules

Embedded Zigbee Modules for OEM Designs

ZigBee OEM SMD/DIP modules allow integrators and device manufacturers to easily embed popular Zigbee wireless technology into products. It protects your existing technology investment in components, software and research and development.  Using the inexpensive starter kit, manufacturers can easily and cost-effectively integrate ZigBee wireless functionality and reduce time-to-market.  The SENA ProBee modules offer a great way for OEMs to take products into the wireless world. 


Specifically designed to meet low cost and low power wireless requirements, Zigbee is suited for a number of applications like home automation, smart buildings, health care, telecom services and more.  The footprint and form factor of the SENA ProBee modules make them simple to work.  The starter kit includes everything you need to quickly develop and prototype Zigbee wireless capability.


Detailed Specifications

As installations go wireless, you need access to wireless modules like the ProBee ZE10 and ProBee ZE20S that are easy to integrate and develop. The ProBee ZE Series of embedded OEM modules features a ZigBee core, radio and antenna circuits and software libraries.  They have an integrated 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4-compliant coprocessor, UART ports and a Windows configuration tool set.  Choose from two mounting types.  The ProBee-ZE10 module offers a pin header and long range communication to 1600 meters.  The ProBee-ZE20S is a short range (300 meters) module with SMP and DIP packaging.   These modules also support ZigBee 2007/ ZigBee Pro stack, one serial port, multiple analog and digital I/O and the AT command set.  Easy-to-use Windows configuration tools are included.

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