WoMaster Netmaster Industrial Network Management System Software

WoMaster Netmaster Network Management System Software
Model: NetMaster
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WoMaster Netmaster Industrial Network Management System Software

The NetMaster Industrial Network Management System software is designed for network device discovery, group configuration, auto topology, real-time monitor, and diagnostic. It secures network devices, physical links and resilient network in mission critical industrial networks. The NetMaster manages device configurations, firmware versions and upgrades, fault alert and event logs. A server-client operation is designed to ensure network reliability in large scale network up to 2000 nodes including wireless and 3rd party compliant devices.

Key Features

  • Lifetime license
  • Automated discover and visualizes network devices, wireless devices, physical link and network topology
  • Real-time status of device availability and traffic performance of physical link
  • Server-client operation to ensure network system reliability especially in large scale network
  • High Scalability, up to 2000 network nodes by license update, no USB Pro request
  • VLAN view for VLAN network in topology
  • Central Manage configurations and firmware version
  • Group IP Address assignment
  • Group ERPS Ring Configuration & assignment
  • MIB compiler and MIB browser for private MIBs and MIBs of 3rd party device
  • Fault Alert and event logs including source IP filter, network error, login recode and warming
  • SNMP Trap receiver for all or specific IP addresses
  • Multi-language support including English, Chinese & Russian


Netmaster - 50, Industrial Network Management System software with a license for 50 nodes, Lifetime License
Netmaster - 100, Same as above for 100 nodes
Netmaster - 250, Same as above for 250 nodes
Netmaster - 500, Same as above for 500 nodes
Netmaster - 1000, Same as above for 1000 nodes
Netmaster - 2000, Same as above for 2000 nodes