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Industrial Firewalls

Industrial Firewalls

Your First Line of Defense in Network Security

Whether you are handling sensitive data or just want adequate network security, there is no escaping the need for controlling incoming and outgoing traffic. In industrial settings, this creates a need for powerful, hardware firewalls that can handle the scope of data streaming through a facility or network node. In that respect, AxiomTek has a series of industrial firewalls that combine power management, powerful data throughput, advanced security and industrial reliability. The impressive part is that these devices deliver at an affordable price.

Robust Security

If your security protocols are diverse, then consider the IFW320. This fanless firewall can manage the full range of VPN applications. It is equipped with packet inspection, Denial of Service (DoS) and Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDP). It seamlessly provides IPsec, PPTP, and SSL VPN networking. This security is packaged in a computer that handles extreme temperatures and locations and comes with an optional 5-year warranty.


If simplicity is more important, you look to the IFW330. Also a firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) all-in-one device, it handles IDP and Botnet security. It also supports VPN, SSL and WAN connections on IPv4 and IPv6 networking. It offers quick and easy installation and a USB restore option. It is just as tough as the IFW320 even while it simplifies installation and management.

Minimizing Networking Complications

It is easy for networking demands to spiral away from simplicity and efficiency. Sometimes, an outside perspective is just what you need to reset and rein your network back into line. That is exactly what a conversation with a Westward Sales representative provides. We are networking experts, and we live to offer alternative solutions to traditional problems. No matter your networking needs, we’ll assist in improving your power, reliability, security and cost-effectiveness.

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