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Sturdy Industrial IoT Enclosures For Your Devices

Sturdy Industrial IoT Enclosures For Your Devices


From intelligent smart homes to large business enterprises to government establishments, the Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the way we interact with each other and solve complex business problems. As with most technology, the promise of IoT is counterbalanced with threats to reliability, security, connectivity, and more. However, innovations such as industrial IoT enclosures promise to address many of these concerns.

Customized IoT Enclosures for Your Needs

The purpose of technological innovation is to make our everyday lives easier. While the IoT ecosystem can be complex, industrial managers shouldn’t have to worry about the modularity of their IoT enclosures. Westward Sales IoT junction boxes, featuring a single AC outlet, are unique in the industry. They also come bundled with a power cord, a bag of fasteners that can be used to mount the enclosure on a wall or panel, and a DIN-rail which can be mounted vertically or horizontally, to offer flexible device placement. To empower network security and operations teams to better utilize and future-proof industrial IoT enclosures for their devices, Westward Sales also offers IoT enclosures for wireless devices.


Weather The Elements

Business and manufacturing landscapes are changing rapidly. Whether it be smart utility grids or safety monitoring of offshore oil rigs, critical industries around the world are no longer operating only from stable, indoor environments but instead moving to the edge. To respond to this transformation, and in order to be reliable, electronic devices need to be able to weather harsh environmental conditions. Our high-quality industrial IoT enclosures, such as the WSTK-HU, are IP67 certified, while others are UL, NEMA 4X, UL94 V-0, and IP67 certified, which makes them fully resistant to not only water damage and corrosion, but also to dust, dirt or other debris. These weatherproof enclosures are ideal for outdoor applications and are specifically built to keep your IoT devices safe and functioning even in an unreliable environment. 

Keep Devices Safe From Tampering With IoT Enclosures

While you may secure your IoT devices by changing passwords and upgrading firmware regularly, it is equally important for an IoT enclosure to be protected from manipulation. The Westward Sales industrial IoT enclosures not only house multiple devices, but their locking mechanisms ensure your enclosure is tamperproof. This ensures that only authorized people can access these gadgets you and your business rely on. Made with high-grade ABS material, or featuring a fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate base, these sturdy IoT junction boxes are designed to be secure. A robust IoT box will ensure that your devices stay secure together.

Connect With Us

Selecting, assembling, and optimizing your IoT infrastructure can seem daunting, but whether you are looking to upgrade your existing setup, or looking for a new IoT enclosure for devices such as a cellular router, modem, industrial Ethernet switch, or Wi-Fi access points, Westward Sales has customized and compact industrial IoT enclosures designed for outdoor applications. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable representatives who can assist you in finding an IoT enclosure that will keep your devices secure, your team productive, and your business steady.

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