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Embedded Modules

Embedded Modules

Bluetooth Components for OEM Designs

Bluetooth connectivity offers many advantages for almost any industrial setting. The undertaking involved to convert, upgrade or expand Bluetooth applications can seem daunting, but there are easy ways to save time and cut costs. Consider embedded modules. By minimizing manufacturing costs, you can build your own adapters that bring existing equipment into the Bluetooth fold.  Embedded Bluetooth modules save design time and reduce a product’s time to market.

Starter Kits

The simple starter kits made by SENA Technologies are perfect for anyone who wants to embed Bluetooth functionality directly into their serial devices. The PARANI-ESD100V1 and ESD110V2 are inclusive kits that have every component you need to get up and running quickly. The convenient, compact kit features a built-in chip antenna that achieves transmission ranges up to 100 meters. Starter kits are ideal for rapid prototyping or development.  They are sure to save on upgrade costs for bringing a new dimension of connectivity to your existing equipment.


Interface Modules

When you don’t need the full starter kit or ready to go to production, the PARANI-BCD100 is an excellent interface module that excels in bringing custom design to your fingertips. You can build your own antenna circuit around the device to further lower costs and optimize communication.  The SPP (Serial Port Profile) firmware is included and ready to operate out of the box. With an average transmission range from 100 to 1000 meters, this simple wireless bridge is ideal for a large variety of applications.

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SENA products are designed with these concepts in mind, and they have a range of options that will cater to your pricing and labor needs. Talk with a Westward Sales associate today and we’ll help you gauge all of the resources at your disposal to get the most value out of your network.

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